Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

11 easy steps to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake by Bailey’s Baker Girl

Watch the video Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake on YouTube!


Step 1 – Make little chocolate chip cookies the size of a quarter – I make my favorite homemade recipe but store bought ready made dough or even mini chips ahoy will work!

Step 2 – Place a cookie in the cupcake liners

Step 3 – Make your favorite chocolate cake recipe

Step 4 – Put about half the cake batter in a 16″ piping bag. I use the disposable Wilton bags. Cut a small opening (1/8″-1/4″) in the end of the bag.

Step 5 – Pipe a layer of cake batter over the cookie

Step 6 – Place another cookie on top of the cake batter

Step 7 -Add another layer with the remainder of cake the batter.

Step 8 – Place the cupcakes in a 350° F pre heated oven for 18-23 minutes (I set my Bosch oven to convection bake @ 325° F for 19 minutes)

Step 9 – remove cupcakes from the oven & allow to cool completely. I set the cupcake tons on the cold stove top for 5 minutes then, using a off set spatula, I carefully remove the baked cupcakes from the tins & place them on a cooling rack until completely cool.

Step 10 – collect your decorating equipment & icing. I made vanilla buttercream and chocolate butter cream but you can buy store bought icing. I used a 12″ Wilton disposable piping bag for the icing. I used a Wilton 2D tip for the rose swirl with the vanilla buttercream icing & Wilton 17 tip for the little chocolate buttercream icing star on the top of the cookie cupcake topper

Step 11 – Decorate!! 😋

For lots of awesome cake & icing recipes, check out my Pinterest

Debi Haba
Bailey’s Baker Girl™


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