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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

11 easy steps to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake by Bailey’s Baker Girl

Watch the video Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake on YouTube!


Step 1 – Make little chocolate chip cookies the size of a quarter – I make my favorite homemade recipe but store bought ready made dough or even mini chips ahoy will work!

Step 2 – Place a cookie in the cupcake liners

Step 3 – Make your favorite chocolate cake recipe

Step 4 – Put about half the cake batter in a 16″ piping bag. I use the disposable Wilton bags. Cut a small opening (1/8″-1/4″) in the end of the bag.

Step 5 – Pipe a layer of cake batter over the cookie

Step 6 – Place another cookie on top of the cake batter

Step 7 -Add another layer with the remainder of cake the batter.

Step 8 – Place the cupcakes in a 350° F pre heated oven for 18-23 minutes (I set my Bosch oven to convection bake @ 325° F for 19 minutes)

Step 9 – remove cupcakes from the oven & allow to cool completely. I set the cupcake tons on the cold stove top for 5 minutes then, using a off set spatula, I carefully remove the baked cupcakes from the tins & place them on a cooling rack until completely cool.

Step 10 – collect your decorating equipment & icing. I made vanilla buttercream and chocolate butter cream but you can buy store bought icing. I used a 12″ Wilton disposable piping bag for the icing. I used a Wilton 2D tip for the rose swirl with the vanilla buttercream icing & Wilton 17 tip for the little chocolate buttercream icing star on the top of the cookie cupcake topper

Step 11 – Decorate!! 😋

For lots of awesome cake & icing recipes, check out my Pinterest

Debi Haba
Bailey’s Baker Girl™

Do they taste okay, Cali?

I was invited by a friend (the hostess) to a jewelry party. It was a cancer research fundraiser, a charity which I wholeheartedly support.

I made 32 cute Easter themed cake pops to donate…





and these amazing lemon mascarpone cupcakes decorated in an Easter theme!



I had never made the lemon mascarpone cupcakes before. In fact, I didn’t even know what mascarpone was until I went to the Common Market Organic Coop! You see, serving this beautifully delightful dessert would be no big deal for most bakers because they would just taste, bake & taste! Not me! I’m “dieting” for the USBF Battle of York Figure Competition in June, so sweet ANY is out! That made me a little nervous presenting the untested (by me) cupcakes to potential clients. On the other hand, I do trust the Lizzy Mae of My Cup of Cakes recipes. Plus, the cupcake batter and the cupcakes in the oven smelled DEVINE!!

Okay, moving along…

Now I’m at Becky Fisher Cookie Lee Jewelry Consultant’s fundraiser at the home of Dana R., nervously watching the guests as they survey the hors d’oeuvres and desserts. All the guests commented on how beautiful the cupcakes looked & how cute the cake pops were in their little display board!Easter Cake Pops

The first person to pick up the Lemon Mascarpone cupcake was this adorable 9 year old girl, Cali C., who was there with her mother, Deanna C., a childhood friend of hostess.


As Cali peeled the paper back from the bright amazingly decorated cupcake, I was thinking to myself, “Oh Nooooo, she’s 9! It’s lemon mascarwhatever! She’s gonna spit it out!! Ugh!” I couldn’t look at her because I would have totally stared! I was holding my breath! I took a quick glance back as Cali carefully took a bite with her fork!

As I looked away, then back again, *gasp* Cali gave her review! She liked it!!! She like the Lemon Mascarpone Cupcake!! Hooray!!! All is good with the world!!

After that resounding success, I was no longer worried if the grown up ladies would like the cupcakes. I relaxed and began to mingle with my cup of coffee in hand.

A little later, Cali came up to me and told me that she really liked my cupcakes. We had a nice long chat. She told me that she liked the cake pops, too. There were 4 different flavor cake pops, a different taste for each character/design of cake pop. From that, I learned that Cali’s favorite flavors were chocolate cookie dough and cookies and cream!

In honor of my new friend, Cali, I am working on two new flavor cake pops… you guessed it, chocolate cookie dough and cookies and cream! I hope to have them ready for review by May 2013, just in time for the Farmers Market!

Several days after the party, the hostess, Dana R., forwarded a picture text from Cali (via her mom’s cell phone) for me. This is what Cali sent me…..

cupcake happiness

Thank you, Cali! I hope to see you soon!

Stay tuned for more adventures in baking by Baileys Baker Girl!

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Debi Haba