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So, this is kinda a funny story


Ok, so this is kinda a funny story…

While I was dieting for my “Figure” completion National Physique Committee NPC Maryland this year, I was watching a ridiculous amount of “food porn” on The Food Network, TLC and The Travel Channel . I started watching amateur “How To” videos on YouTube™ of baking, decorating cakes, etc., to pass the time while on the treadmill (doing 1 hour of cardio twice a day, everyday). When just watching the shows weren’t enough, I started baking. I discovered I LOVED to bake!

In my free time, I made the colored breads, ice cream cone cup cakes, cookies and I found CAKE POPS! I gave all the foods I baked away because I couldn’t eat them! Not even a bite! When my friends and relatives gave me positive feedback, I decided I wanted to start a baking business as a second career, transitioning out of my government job after 24 years!

I asked my good friend, Kathy, who was my partner for years when we were Robbery Detectives, to join me!! Her work ethic and discipline is equal to mine. We work so well together, I could never find a better business partner!

So everything began to fall into place. I’m learning how to be a good businesswoman, baker & entrepreneur! Kathy and I are taking cake decorating classes & are planning to continue our training in baking and business courses!

I have an amazing circle of friends (to include YOU) who support me! I am sooooo lucky. This endeavor may take years to build into a profitable business but I’m ready for the challenge!

I met the owners/bakers of Georgetown Cupcake, Sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne, last week. When I asked them if they could give new baking business owners any advise, they both enthusiastically said, “Go for it! The hours are long & it may get rough, but it’s all worth it!” So when I think that, maybe, I am have bitten off a little more than I can chew, (no pun intended) I think about what Katherine and Sophie, of Georgetown Cupcakes said, and I leave my doubts behind!

Long story, just beginning,

Debi Haba
Bailey’s Baker Girl™