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Princess Cupcake Dress Cake

At the request of a friend and former coworker, I was asked to create something special that I had never made before…

A Princess Cupcake Dress Cake!

Does that sound right? Or maybe it’s a Princess Dress Cake out of Cupcakes? No, that sounds funny and awkward. Umm, Princess Dress Cupcake Cake! Oh, I dunno! Whatever you call it, I said I’d make it!

The cupcake dress cake was for Bonnie’s granddaughter Cali’s fifth birthday and it needed to be purple! Well, I LOVE purple, so that made it just that much more fun to create!

I did a little research and used the Disney character,
Sophia the First’s , dress for inspiration!

I wasn’t sure what size cake board to use so I searched the old reliable resource, YouTube! I got several ideas but finally settled on a full sheet cake board for a 40 cupcake dress cake! I needed to provide enough cupcakes for a 30 person party (kids and grown ups) so 40 seemed perfect!

With all kinds of new cupcake cake creating knowledge and my special order shopping list, I was off to the Little Bitts Shop! After I bought my full cake board, VIOLET AmeriColor Food Coloring and a roll of silver cake board foil, I had to make a stop at my local grocery store for a bag of OREO COOKIES!!!

The birthday girl wanted Oreo cookie cupcakes! Now, if you follow Bailey’s Baker Girl on FaceBook, you have seen my white cake Oreo Cookie cupcakes IMG_1080.JPGIMG_1081.JPG


I didn’t have time to order purple cupcake liners from my supplier, Sweets and Treats Boutique, so I improvised. I used my in stock pink and white horizontal striped for the inner liner then a dark blue for the outer liner. When the cupcakes came out of the oven, the liners looked GREAT together!

So, the cupcakes (with an entire bag of chopped up oreo cookies in a doubled recipe of white cake batter) are done and cooled! I made my special Bob’s Icing (which I named after my cake decorating instructor, Bob Schilke’s recipe) while the cupcakes were cooling, adding in the amazingly vibrant violet food coloring! So now I’m ready to create the cake!

Starting on the bottom, I arranged 7 cupcakes across, then 6 and I built the dress up from there! Referring to Sophia the First’s purple dress,

IMG_1077.JPG I swirled purple vanilla buttercream icing roses, filled any open spaces with little icing purple stars and accented the dress with six white roses on the bottom two rows and piped white icing trim, dotted with white sugar pearls!

When it was done, there was a beautiful cupcake dress cake fit for a five year old princess named, Cali!






Debi Haba
Bailey’s Baker Girlâ„¢